"Councilor for Namiyango Ward Raphael Mzimu addressing citizens"


25 January 2017

Residents of Bangwe and Namiyango township were today given the platform to engage in person with their elected leaders and officials from utility service providers at Bangwe youth center. The community engagement forum was organised by organisations implementing the ICT for citizen engagement project that seeks to enance citizen engagement.

According to David Samuel, Projects Officer from Citizens for Justice, which is one of the organisations implementing the ICT for citizen engagement project, the community engagement forums are being organised to provide an opportunity to people to engage in person with their duty bearers besides the convenient means of engagement through use of ICT that the ICT for citizen engagement project is promoting.

Councilor for Bangwe Mthandizi ward Ramsey Gomani said the platform is a good inititiave that will promote resposive service delivery and ensure their is inclusiveness in development projects because leaders are provided the opportunity to get the views of their residents in various wards and constituencies.

Blantyre Water Board customer services officer, Catherine Chilemba said besides getting reports from the citizens the platform also provided them the opportunity to share with residents plans that the Blantyre Water Board has.

Citizens were also reminded about the means through which they can reach out with reports to their duty bearers by sending an SMS to +265 888 242 063 and or by signing up and sending a report at www.mzinda.com