14:28 Jul 10 2016 Falls Estate, Lilongwe

Here in Falls Lilongwe we would be happy if the city council considered supplying us with a Waste Storage dustbin close to Kamundi motel area. people are polluting the madyomba river with waste
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Dumisani (Jul 12 2016)
It has to be noted that there is a waste storage dustbin in the area close to Msonkhamanja CCAP. If its about the need for another one it has to be said that we have challenges of funds even to maintain the current one. Going forward we would advise that as citizens you take the initiative to use the waste storage dustbin you have now and resist from polluting the river.
Maxwell Sakwiya (Aug 17 2017)
Kudos to LCC for efforts in their schedule to collect waste, the river is free of waste and even though there is still one bin at the market, I have noted that its a better one than the last one. The y just have to ensure waste is collected on time and surely people can not go to some other places to dump waste there
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