"A group photo after the Laucnh"

SWET Launches Tilitonse Deepening Democracy Project

19 July 2016

The Story Workshop Educational Trust (SWET) today launched the Tilitonse Deepening Democracy Project at Mpemba Staff Development Institute in Blantyre. The goal of the project is Empowering Urban Citizenry and Strengthening Governance Structures for Responsive Service Delivery in Blantyre and Mzuzu cities. The launch was graced by the Deputy Mayor of the city of Blantyre, His Worship councillor Wild Ndipo, Chief Kapeni and the Public Relations Officer of Blantyre City Council among other dignitaries. The launch marked the opening of a four-day Deepening Democracy Boot Camp that has brought together 40 members from Ndirande-Makata and Chilomoni Deepening Democracy Tilitonse clubs. Among other objectives the Boot-Camp aims to explore ways to strengthen community-led governance structures and increase knowledge levels on policies, rights and responsibilities of citizens.