"Dr. Kanjunju adressing the press"


11 October 2016

The Blantyre City Council is embarking on mosquitoes control through spraying of breeding sources especially rivers, dams and other stagnant waters. Director of Health and Social Services, Dr Emmanuel Kanjunjunju told a press conference on Monday, October 10, 2016 that human activities such as refuse dumping in the waters, industrial waste discharge of toxic chemicals and vandalism among other things have been major contributing factors to the mosquito outbreak.

“As the Council, we are urging our residents to stop dumping the refuse in the rivers, cut short the grasses around their homes and avoid keeping stagnant waters around their homes.” However the Council is appealing to the corporate world to contribute to the over K12 million budget for the campaign. The good news is the prevailing mosquitoes are not malaria transmitting family although they cause a lot of discomfort among residents.

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